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Portfolio Investment Structuring and Supervision

Our investment consulting services offer you a global perspective, allowing you to make informed wealth management decisions. They include:

  • A review of your investment objectives
  • Establishing your strategic asset allocation (long-term planning)
  • Portfolio management as a function of retirement planning
  • Structuring tax-efficient investment portfolios (tax optimization)
  • Preparation of an investment policy statement
  • Establishing your tactical asset allocation (short-term positioning)
  • Optimal selection of portfolio managers (local and global)
  • Clear and consolidated investment management reports
  • Regular reviews and follow-ups
  • Competitive and transparent fee structure

We offer you professional advice and independent research, and our emphasis is on protecting your capital. We will provide you with clear recommendations on different strategies and ways of implementing them. All solutions will be designed according to your individual needs. The fee structure will always be transparent.

Family office

Family Office Services

Our Family Office services are tailored to the unique needs of each family and they combine a full range of consulting services to offer a family support and guidance, and to reduce its workload. We direct you in developing a well thought-out succession plan that is adapted to your unique situation. We assist future generations in refining their financial knowledge.

In close collaboration with your family we coordinate the activities of other professionals in the following areas:

  • Family governance
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Real estate
  • Art
  • Private investments
  • Trust and legal services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Others

Acting as your chief investment officer we ensure that your objectives and constraints are properly addressed and together with you we develop the strategic asset allocation of your estate. Based on your instructions and preferences we structure and supervise your investment portfolio.

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