Our principles



There are numerous reasons to choose Altium.

Nos principes

Wealth Preservation and Continuity

The preservation of our clients’ wealth is our priority. Our aim is to offer our clients wealth sustainability and peace of mind.


Independence and Objectivity

We are not affiliated with any financial institution, guaranteeing that our advice and our actions are at all times unbiased. Our commitment is unconditional and our success depends entirely on the quality of the services we provide to you.


Depth and Transparency

Our dedicated team has extensive, complementary and sound expertise and experience in financial markets. We are remunerated solely by our clients.


Presence and Architecture

We have access to a local and international network of highly qualified portfolio managers and we ensure the optimal structuring and supervision of your assets.


Flexibility and Simplicity

Our tailed service offering is based on your unique circumstances. Our communications are clear and easy to understand.