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Our Approach

A comprehensive perspective into your unique situation.

The Altium Approach

Beyond investments

Since the start, we have positioned ourselves as a committed and visionary partner that strives to offer institutional expertise to private clients, bringing depth, integrity and rigour to the wealth management industry. Wealth is the foundation of a legacy. It goes far beyond investments, and it is our mission to protect it.

Three Dimensions of Wealth

What is Wealth Architecture?

Our approach focuses on the analysis, understanding, and coordination of the three dimensions of wealth: The Family dimension, the Investment dimension, and the Business dimension. This is how we define Wealth Architecture.

Defining wealth architecture

The Three Dimensions of Wealth

We believe that to properly manage wealth, you need to go beyond investments. Wealth is multidimensional, nuanced, and encompasses the following:


It is important to define the values, vision, governance, structure, characteristics, and preferences specific to each family in order to make objective decisions and determine the best path forward.


It is necessary to analyze the entirety of our clients' financial wealth, not limiting itself solely to their liquid investment portfolios. This approach, combined with our goals-based investment philosophy, allows us to properly position your financial estate, more effectively manage risk and clearly assess the achievement of objectives.


For families in business, we believe in the importance of taking the time to understand the corporation itself, its reality, and its activities. The lines between the Business dimension and the other dimensions often overlap for private entrepreneurs and families.

Our know-how

Multi-Generational Expertise

We work with different individuals and generations of the same family. Philosophies, needs, and objectives are carefully discussed and identified, as they are unique to each person within a family. As with life, your needs — and our craft — are ever-evolving.





Our Investment Philosophy

A personalized, comprehensive goal-based approach

A disciplined institutional investment process that focuses on managing risk and the attainment of your specific goals. Amongst others, we commonly encounter and address the following objectives:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Wealth creation
  • Wealth transfer
  • Income needs
  • Family governance
  • Philanthropy
  • Impact investing (ESG)
  • Retirement
  • Legacy

Registrations & Custodians

Acting with transparency and objectivity every step of the way.

Licenses & Registration

  • Autorité des marchés financiers: Portfolio Manager
  • Autorité des marchés financiers: Financial Planner
  • Ontario Securities Commission: Portfolio Manager
  • New Brunswick Financial and Consumer Services Commission: Portfolio Manager
  • BC Financial Services Authority: Portfolio Manager

Chartered Bank Custodians

  • National Bank Independent Network
  • Other Canadian institutions

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